McDonald's to Install Electric Car Chargers

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Want some watts with that cheeseburger? A North Carolina Mcdonalds location is giving new meaning to the fast-food drive-through. According to Raleigh, N.C.-based paper The News & Observer, the hamburger joint is launching its first electric car charging station at a location in Cary, a Raleigh suburb, on Tuesday, July 14. The location will feature two charging stations at the front or parking spaces that customers can use to charge their cars while they eat. There is no fee for the charge.

It's a brilliant concept--that is, when and if electric cars become common enough to see widespread usage. Restaurants with valuable parking lot space and real estate have a great opportunity to rethink what other services they can offer their customers. But I'm surprised McDonald's is offering it free of charge. Seems like a great way to reap revenue from part of their real estate. If I had a car like this, I'd happily put a few coins in the meter to charge it while I'm eating. What do you think--should McDonald's ask customers to pay for the watts they consume with their food?


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